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For close to 20 years, we have been committed to Financial Literacy and through that commitment we have been helping to educate Canadians make better financial choices. We help Canadians who struggle financially. So how did we get started? Around 2004, the City of Edmonton started offering financial education to women leaving domestic abuse. At the time, this was a new concept in Canada (offering financial education to build financial independence and confidence) that was a big contributor to the financial literacy movement in Canada.

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Troy Tisserand, a managing partner at 4 Pillars Consulting, was asked to be a volunteer guest speaker on lots of financial literacy topics. One thing led to another and for the last 19 years Troy has continued to volunteer over 120 hours a year of his time through various community organizations such as EmpowerU (he was one of the initial founders), EFEC, and is a trusted resource to other organizations providing these services within the community. Over the years, Troy has had the privilege of helping thousands of Canadians overcome their financial challenges and go on live better lives. Although every situation is a little different, the one thing that never changes is his unwavering commitment to helping others succeed.

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If you want a better life for you and your family now is the time to start. It’s never too late to learn the skills you need to build a better life for yourself. The skills are so valuable you will want to share your knowledge with others.



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