CanFi Portal Education

What We Do

How It Helps You

  • Over 25 hours of additional financial empowerment education 
  • Professional review of credit reports
  • Provide strategies to fix identified credit errors
  • Unlimited support to ensure credit report accuracy 
  • Customized credit rebuilding plans
  • Detailed credit rebuilding tips & strategies to maximize your credit
  • 2 years of unlimited support
  • Face to face meetings with CanFi Advisors
  • Our credit report analysis identifies credit errors you may not see
  • Fixing credit reports increase your credit score
  • We provide easy to follow strategies never published online 
  • New credit recommendations increase your credit score
  • Professional guidance ensures you maximize your credit score
  • Increases your financial confidence when applying for new credit
  • Increased credit scores ensures you qualify for the lowest interest rates

This 2 year program provides all the tools, education, strategies and support to ensure you have a strong financial foundation


About us

CanFi Mission Statement

CanFi is the primary source of tools for Canadians to realize their financial goals. We create and distribute the building blocks of sound financial expertise to underserved Canadians. 

CanFi Portal Education

Expert Financial Education

CanFi offers over 25 hours of in-depth financial education to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to take control of your financial journey. Our comprehensive curriculum provides valuable insights and strategies to help you make informed decisions and secure a stable financial future.

CanFi Portal Education

Confidence Starts Here

CanFi provides unlimited support to ensure the accuracy of your credit reports and offers continuous guidance throughout your credit rebuilding process. Our commitment to your financial success includes face-to-face meetings with CanFi Advisors, who will work with you to create and implement effective credit rebuilding plans tailored to your specific goals and needs.

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